Manufacturing Technology & Typical Applications

Fine blanking is a cold extrusion process that uses special dies and presses to fabricate metal components that require exacting product features. The material is firmly clamped through V-grooves in the die and stripper plates, so that that the material may flow only in the cutting direction. Our highly skilled engineers study the product design and calculate the optimum blanking configuration. Press and tonnage requirements are determined through three forces: Cutting Force, Counter Force and V-Ring Force. Other factors that are considered include material specification and tensile strength, overall part geometry, material thickness and part function.

Typical Product Applications

Parts that require ultimate tensile strength, precision, extreme flatness, functional edges and possibly safety-critical lend themselves to the fine blanking process. Examples are as follows:


Automatic Transmission Parking Pawls
Clutch Back Up Plates
Thrust Spacers
Valve Body Separator Plates
Shift Forks
Synchronizer Plates
Valve Lifter Guides
Oil Pump Covers
Shift Detents

Seating Hardware:

Gear Quadrants
Lock Levers
Latch Levers
Engagement Pawls


Lock Nuts
Trunion Washers
Bulkhead Races


Axle Flanges
Consumer Speaker Backing Plates
Door Detent Links
Electronic Gears