Tradition and History of Excellence

Developed in the heritage of precision watch making and steeled by the traditions of excellent quality and customer-first service, Burkland Inc. provides its customers with value that includes significant advantages in cost, quality, and service and design performance. We call it the Material AdvantEdge™ and we are anxious to put it to work for you. As a technology, fine blanking owes its origins to the Swiss watch making craft where the process, on a much smaller scale, was used to form the delicate gears for the world’s finest time pieces.

Subsequently, through the efforts of industry leaders like Heinrich Schmid, the technology and equipment evolved and has been scaled to produce much larger components without sacrificing the watch maker’s original passion for precision. The Burkland – Schmid relationship started in 1975 and has evolved over the past 35 years. Today, this technology and modern equipment is used by Burkland Inc. to manufacture ultra high precision products for a variety of industry uses and applications.