World Class Versatility Means World Class Tooling

For over 30 years, Burkland Inc. has been an industry leader in the manufacture of high quality, precision fine blanked and machined metal applications for a variety of industry uses. We offer a unique and extensive combination of tool design and construction, primary press blanking and forming and an array of secondary processes to meet and exceed our customer requirements. As a world-class producer, we continually improve our capabilities as a result of industry demands.

All Burkland Inc. tooling is designed, built and maintained by our in-house facility. Utilizing modern computer-aided design, EDM and CNC technologies, our goal is to provide the best and most robust tooling in the industry. As a direct result, Burkland produces the highest level of quality products that can be expected. As a single source, we provide complete quality assurance throughout the production life cycle.

Our presses range from 100-ton to 1000-ton and are skillfully matched with our specialized tooling to produce a broad range of precision products. Using opposing and differential pressures, materials with thickness ranges of 2mm to 16mm are both sheared and cold formed in a single stroke of the press. The results are impressive: extreme precision, ultra flatness, exceptional edge perpendicularity and functionality and nearly perfect repeatability.